Picture of Grief

Grief, if that is your name, you show no mercy.  Sleep is an evil thief that tricks me into quietness just long enough to see your face.  All too soon my body awakens to the stabbing pain and acute awareness that you’re not here.

My stomach throbs and aches but my mouth cannot taste and I cannot tell if I feel hunger or nausea that will not leave me be.  My chest is tight, my breaths are shallow, there is not enough air to fill my lungs.

The tears how they never cease.  They are an endless stream.  Vanity is a role I no longer wear.  The thought of your timeless face etched inside my mind.

I must touch everything you touched and wear everything you wore.  I want to feel everything you felt.  If only I could take all of your hurt away or carry all of your burdens just to hold you close again once more.IMG_3832

One thought on “Picture of Grief

  1. This journal entry leaves one speechless with the acute accuracy describing yourself and I imagine your families level of functionality at that time. I wonder if there is a grief journal or book that others post to, this should go in it.

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