Go on a road trip they said….

Years ago we went to a parenting class.  I am not sure how we could focus with one child climbing the stairs like a monkey and another one screaming with colic as a new-born.  I did however hear the part about going camping.   The basic point was to go camping and take road trips. The best way to have experiences that turn into the best memories.

We have used that piece of information over the last 15 years.   We have had some crazy experiences as a family, but the most memorable experiences come from the road trips.   I am talking about the road trips that you sit around the table years later laughing so hard milk comes out your nose experiences.   They can be chaotic and stressful, but when you look back months and years later they will the most cherished memories.

For example, when we were first married I packed for everyone.  At some point early on my husband started packing for himself.  A couple of hours down the road towards our camping spot he realized he forgot his shoes.   His Shoes! We were going hiking and all he had brought was flip-flops.  The girls laughed and laughed at the time Dad refused to admit he didn’t plan it that way.

Another era of car trips included the many times we had to pull over because my youngest suffered from travel sickness.  I don’t mean on a rare occasion she became sick, I mean seven out of ten times she became sick.  The girls in the back would fight over who had to sit next to her.  Then there was the fact one of the girls would get sympathy sick so she couldn’t even look at her.   I carried travel sick tabs, extra clothes, paper towels and bags.  We learned no outfit was worth keeping if completely destroyed by vomit.   This goes against my core values of save and repurpose everything.  It was insanely satisfying to throw it out.  My kid happily sitting in her car seat in undies and a blanket on many occasions. We learned quickly to roll with it.  We also learned not to have clam chowder and Marionberry pie and then get in the car.  We have laughed and laughed over many of those camping experiences and If you want to make the best memories, just go on a road trip.


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